Painting a lot at the moment… Many new paintings to come… Soon…


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Sutton Valence
Kisses from Sutton Valence where I started in January 2007…

29-03-2009: 12 New paintings!
01-01-2009:Happy New Year 2009!
01-01-2008: Happy New Year 2008!
02-11-2007: Sorry for the lack of updates… new job, little time, but, during these many months, I did spend some time painting so I will update the website soon.
28-01-2007: added new paintings (a work in progress called ”Olive”, a work commissioned by Estate Agents called “Funky Houses”, plus… Three Women, Four Women and Six Women.
19-11-2006: Added latest ring, necklace and accessories in Jewelry.
05-11-2006: Added some of the paintings.
03-11-2006: All the collages are back on, the rest is coming.

01-11-2006: Halloween section created.

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